Your report and the many items you found needing correction by the builder was eye opening. I would never have found one quarter of these items and the fact that so many of them were safety hazards proves that hiring you was a necessary step in buying a new home. Thank you for assuring the comfort and safety of my family

Bob Brengel

New Construction home buyer, Houston

The streamlined service and efficiency allowed for absentee inspection and immediate online access. The online payment option is a great time reduction and convenience mechanism to expedite the mortgage process by adhering to time constraints. The services were rated A-1 and provided immediate real-time reports.


Investor, Houston

We were very pleased with the overall thorough inspection report and the inspector’s availability to discuss the findings afterwards. All findings of concern were accompanied by clear photos of the area inspected. The report was promptly available online to view and download. Our inspector answered any questions of concern we had after reviewing the report. I would readily recommend this company to others.  While this company is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive inspection company we inquired about we feel they were a company of integrity and conducted a home inspection of high quality.

Betty & Bruce Taylor

Spring TX

I appreciate that you took the time to personally show us areas of concern. The pictures will help us to quickly locate the areas needing attention. Although time consuming, We did not find anything negative about your service. We were pleased that you took the necessary time to thoroughly check all aspects of the house. We feel this was money well spent and will be referring you to friends and family when they plan to move.

Jeffrey and Cindy Justice


I would like you to know that I appreciate your professionalism and expertise. You found faults that we (a first time home buyer) would never know exists. I was very confident hiring you would be a great investment; and it is. I will recommend you to any of my family and friends. Thanks in advance for a job well done. We are so looking forward to enjoying our new home.    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

Dwayne & Anniesha

New construction home buyer, Houston TX

Thank you for a serious inspection of my home. The report was very easy to read with no fluff. Great job! I will recommend you to all of my friends and family.

Steven Parker


I want to say THANKS for your inspection services.  Your attention and knowledge of details that I would have never known is VERY much appreciated and very invaluable.  Thank You for allowing my 70+ year old Dad to ask questions and point out areas of concern. Very through. The report is awesome. I’m glad I made the investment. THANKS!

I wish you much and continued business success!
Pamela Hudson

Cypress, TX

The explanation of services was great! Mark Roach did a great job from start to finish. He was very clear on any question I had for him. I think it was A++ inspection.

Brian Davis


Thank you for such a professional report. Todd and I had no idea that the house we were buying had so many problems. I am discouraged now, but I am so glad that we hired you to do this for us. You did an awesome job. Thank you again. We are very happy with the personal attention you have shown to the problems detected. This will save us from unknown disasters later.

Todd and Laura Bishop

Copperfield, TX

Thank you for saving me thousands of dollars and from tons of headaches. I’m impressed with your professionalism and the use of the internet for client convenience.

Richard Cortes

Spring TX

Thanks again for doing the inspection on the home we are considering buying.  You were very thorough and explained everything so well. Your report was very easy to read and understand.


The Woodlands, TX

The inspector took his time and was extremely thorough in his inspection. The report we received was more professional than I expected and it is available to me on the web. This allows me to quickly communicate with my builder rather than having to fax the report later. In addition to the great service and professional report, Mark identified many key areas of concerns I would have never found and saved us thousands of dollars of potential damage in the near future. I highly recommend “A Professional Home Inspector”!

Gary Folkes Jr.

Tomball, TX

Your sincerity. I felt like you really cared about me knowing everything I would be dealing with and wanted the best for me. The report with the pictures and the arrows showing what is wrong is amazing. WOW!! One picture being 1000 words is so true. I am giving a copy to the folks who are selling us this home. It will go far to spur them to make the corrections before we have to negotiate what we are going to be willing to accept.

Anne Wilkerson

Seasoned Home Buyer, Spring, TX

Thank you for responding so quickly to my needs.I needed this inspection to seal my contract.I was in a very difficult time frame and you came through for me,Thanks again. The Inspector, was very professional, helpful.This is the first home I’ve purchased. and The inspector took time to explain to me what he was looking for, And explained the importance of his finding.He was very detailed,and thorough.Thanks again,

Ranny Lee Fitch

First time home buyer , Magnolia, TX

The Inspector was very friendly and was not bothered by our presence at all. He was very informative and answered all of our questions and added some of his own input as well. I was impressed with how technology has enhanced the inspection business by the inspector’s use of a digital camera with a recording device. I’m sure this saved much time in getting our report to us the same day.

Elsa Bailey

First time home buyer, Spring, TX

The Inspector was great Informative and knowledgeable about his work.  Made us feel at ease he was doing quality work.

Trent Cooper

New construction inspection , Magnolia, TX

We were impressed & overwhelmed with your completeness you displayed in performing the inspection. There was not one stone left unturned for us to question. Excellent-courteous-Thanks for an awesome job completed and quickly. Master at your job.

John & Karen Stewart

Seasoned home buyer, Kingwood, TX

Having used you before with first rate results, I expected fully professional service, and I was not disappointed. The best compliment I can give is our repeat business.

John Turnquist

Seasoned home buyer , Magnolia, TX

It was so nice that you could come with such short notice. You did a WONDERFUL job! Our home builder told us our inspector was great and everything you found was correct and that they would fix it all. We are going to be calling you for our final inspection! Thanks again!


Pre-Sheetrock home inspection, Atascocita, TX

Thank you again for your help with the house!  We really appreciate the awesome job you have done on both inspections for us.

Katie Lindley

Home Inspection, Tomball, TX

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